Saturday, September 11, 2010

North Carolina Hmong Soccor Tournament

Well, I used up my last day of vacation from work to take a quick trip to North Carolina to see my Aunt Mai Yer. We only had 2 days so left Thurday night after work and stayed until Sunday afternoon. It was quick but well worth it. I hadn't seen my aunt in over 15 years and it was nice for my girls to get to meet more of their relatives from my side.

On Saturday we went to a Hmong soccor tournament and the girls finally got to dress up and wear their Hmong clothes to a legitimate Hmong event. Trinity has been to Hmong tournaments before but it was when she was really young so she didn't remember how they were. The whole morning she kept acting very concerned and asking if anyone else was going to be wearing Hmong clothes. After assuring her a few times that "Yes, there will be." I finally asked her what her issue was. She then explained that she doesn't remember people dressing up to come see her play soccor and didn't know how her cousins were going to play soccor wearing Hmong clothes either. Poor thing, after I was done laughing I explained to her that it's not her cousin's soccor game we were going to, they'll just have some teams there playing soccor for entertainment and that it's really more of a celebration about our culture and less about the soccor.

This is the girls posing with my Aunt's daughter Kaitlyn-9. Trinity and Kaitlyn were two peas in a pod.

This is Anaiya and my Aunt's son Justin. He's 8 and these two were inseperable! They were so cute. Justin was being such a gentleman and holding the umbrella for Anaiya. The entire two days there they were running around, chasing and shooting at each other and would take turns being wounded and dead. Yes, I think it must be love. LOL.
The girls enjoying there well deserved ice-cee. I was so proud of them for not complaining about wearing layers of Hmong clothes in 100 degree weather.
Cyri force feeding Grandma!
Clothes for sale inside one of the booths.
The girls modeling next years fashion.
It was so hot I'm glad that we decided to not dress Cyri up in Hmong clothes. She would not have been happy.
All in all, it was fun and the bonding and memories are more than worth it!

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