Sunday, August 23, 2009

Anaiya's supermodel pictures.

She posed all by herself (=
We added the hair dryer for effect... Her fake laugh, Lol (=High Fashion Supermodel Pose
Second Shot, haha.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Trinity's Star-studed Cheerleading Career

Sorry, I know this is back tracking from Hawaii but I just found these pictures. While Trinity was in cheerleading her squad was chosen to perform for a basketball game where it was the Army basketball team verses the Hollywood Knights. Hollywood Knights is made up of celebrities who volunteer to travel across the country to play for charitable events. Some of the celebrities was 2 Gladiator Warriors, Aaron Carter, black guy from Lipstick Jungle, Asian guy from Friday 13th movie, and Disney channel actors. It was a once in a life time experience for Trinity and she got some snuggle time with her crushes.

Trinity had been waiting for this guy all night. His name is Cody Linley and he plays as Hannah Montana's boyfriend on the Disney show. She was so smitten.
The girls with Aaron Carter.
Pa Nhia with the guy from Friday 13th movie.

Sweaty Aaron Carter kissing on Pa Nhia! I got a smooch from him too but I won't post my picture for fear of extreme jealousy from hubby. (Yea sure.)

Trinity's first day of 4th grade

Wow, how time flies. I really can't believe that our little punkin is turning 10 this year! Double digits already. Like every parent we still remember the day she was born so watching her grow and mature into a young lady is hard sometimes but we know for her this is an exciting time with new adventures. We are so proud of our beautiful 1st born and the shining example she is to everyone around her. We love you Trinity!

Ah...good times

I love this picture of Anaiya mid swing with her sweet smile. Just enjoying life and innocence. These are the kind of beautiful mental snapshots everyone should take and remember as they look back on their childhood. I'm glad Andrew is so good about taking pictures of our girls and catching these priceless moments. We sure do love our baby girl.

Lehi Community Pool

On this day we were suppose to meet up the the Gyllenskogg's but Molly got carsick and threw up so unfortunately they didn't make it. It was alot of fun though. This pool is great because the water is luke warm so the kids aren't cold and want to play in it for hours. You really get your money's worth. Normally my kids are the kind who, after 5 minutes, are standing outside shivering and refusing to go back in but not this time.

Cyri's Birthday-Round 2

This is Cyri's actual birthday on the 19th and it pretty much was a repeat of round 1 except this time she had blue frosting all over her. For this birthday she got a princess ride on toy, a backpack, bath toys, a shape sorter and a pinata. We love you cutie pie, happy 1st birthday!

"The heck with a spoon. I can get more this way!"

Bike trail heaven

While Andrew was on one of his regular mountain bike adventures he found this obsticle course someone had taken the time to make in the back hills of Eagle Mountain. He's been so happy the short while he's been in Utah cause he can finally mountain bike again. While in Hawaii he's been able to participate in many other out door sports but mountain biking has always been his first love.

Yay for family!

A few weeks ago Elise and Kirk came over to our house for dinner and we got in some quality Rock Band time while the kids entertained each other. I think for a while Anaiya was beginning to think her memories of a cousin named Priscella was a dream but then she appeared in the flesh and Anaiya was in heaven. Kirk was able to get some better pictures of all the girls together and has them posted on their blog (Thanks Kirk!) but this one is especially cute. I swear they locked themselves in this closet with all the toys for hours. We didn't hear a peep until they were thirsty then they would disapear again.

Molly on the other hand wasn't so sure of her cousin Cyri just yet. I love the contrast between the two faces. Cyri has no idea what's going on.

Bridal Veil Falls

Just a few pictures of us hiking the short trail at Bridal Veil. It was a nice short trail but well worth the view.

Two peas in a pod

As soon as we got home from Neveda Cyri was kissing and hugging my mom and so happy to be climbing all over Grandma again. They had been apart for 9 days and this is a long time for them since Cyri has never been apart from Grandma Her since she's been born. Not even a few hours cause she sleeps with grandma in her bed too.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cyri's Birthday-Round 1

Before we left Neveda Grandma and Grandpa Wheeler wanted to give Cyri a little early birthday party since they wouldn't be there for her real birthday on August 19th. She was so sick the whole week with an ear infection and trench mouth that this was about the only time the entire week that she smiled at all. For her presents she got a bubble toy, a push walker and a dancing I-dog, oh yea and a scary jack-in-the box.
Yes, I did say scary. It's got an ugly clown that pops out and this was Cyri's reaction. We really all thought she'd love it but this look was unexpected and priceless.
Grandma makes it all better. She was so hungry from having trench mouth and not being able to eat all week that once she got ahold of her cake she was in heaven. It was the most she'd eaten all week. I think she ate two big slices. I don't know why we didn't think to feed her this soft stuff earlier but it was just what the doctor ordered.

Immediatley after she finished we had to hurry and wash her up then we were packed in the car and on our way back to Utah. She was so full she slept the entire 8 hour road trip home.

The boating excursion

Although we've been on the boat many times before this particular trip had many "first's" such as mom's first time back on the boat in how many years?!!! Andrew knew mom's currency so he promised her if she came he would do geneology! Before we knew it mom was in the front seat and ready to go. We are very glad she came. Thanks Mom!
Then...who falls asleep on the boat in the middle of all that fun? Leave to us. The girls were out and...
so was I. I swear I wasn't out that long but obviously long enough to get a few photos taken. Cyri was out cold too.
Then she woke up and realized the she was still stuck in the bulky life jacket and was not happy.
And then for the grand finale, I finally conquered that stupid knee board and got up 3 times!!! Yay for me, it only took 10 years! Shut up.

Cyri on Grandpa's Quad

Lake Tahoe Hike

A few weeks ago while in Neveda visiting Grandma and Grandpa Wheeler we went on a hike through Lake Tahoe. We didn't realize how little water we had packed so we only made it about a mile and a half before turning around but it was still fun and full of whinning. Grandpa was very patient with Trinity and encouraged her the whole way. Cyri was so good and enjoyed the ride on Uncle Steve's back.

Cyri was done by the time we got to the car. It was a nice nap before dinner time.

Cyri's TV time

So it's begun...we got to our new house in Utah with only the essentials: beds and a tv. Normally the two older girls are monopolizing the tv so Cyri never gets a chance but this evening Trinity and Anaiya were playing with Uncle Steve so Cyri was taking full advantage of uninteruppted Blues Clues time.


Yea, only when they are dead asleep but still so sweet.

Family bike ride

As everyone knows biking is Andrew's forte so every Sunday he'd always round up all the kids to go on a "nice" Sunday afternoon bike ride. Well after a few Sundays the kids caught on and realized that "nice" meant flat tires, bloody knees, obstacle courses and a few bike on bike crashes but no matter the lame excuses of stomach cramps, headache or nausea no one got out of the mandatory fun. Same as the mandotory smiles in bike pictures. It was hysterical when Andrew would announce that there was a flat tire and one person might not get to go, inside the house would explode a loud arugument (unknown to Andrew) about who's turn it was to stay behind. Then Andrew would come in and announce again that he had fixed the flat and everyone was to go. The long pouty faces of dissapointment were so funny. The only one that made it with no scares and sometimes would even get a nap in was Aniaya since she is always in the trailer Andrew is pulling. So is the life of Andrew and his women....

One last swim

Andrew HAD to particiate in one last ocean swim race before we left Hawaii. He did this same race at Waimea Bay last year too and really enjoyed it. This was done the morning of the day we were to get on the plane to fly back to Utah. Talk about last minute! The girls were very cold and tired since we had to be there by 7am but they were still very excited to cheer on daddy and see him race to the finish line.