Monday, August 30, 2010

Grandma's bike ride

My mom and I are committed to getting a bike ride in everyday but the humid heat is a killer so we came up with something more tolerable. Notice the laptop so we can watch movies and the convient placement of the fan. I just thought my mom looked so cute, only thing LOL!!!


We decided to read the Friend for this particular FHE. It was such a photo op cause we hardly ever can get Cyri to sit still but tonight she sat and cuddled for a little bit while daddy read.

Baby enjoyed her pudding

I think she wore more than she ate of her pudding.
When I found her and gasped she gave me this look like, "what did you expect?"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Girls can do it too

Our version of Charlie's Angels. See, girls can turn everyday things into violent weapons too--and look good doing it! They decided to build guns and where pretending to duck and chase each other around the house. I was pretty surprised cause they've never done that before. It was funny because as they were chasing eachother their guns would fall apart and were always calling time-outs.

The first of the "E-Wheeler" shows

So the girls have been watching way too much tv, ie the disney channel. The girls especially like to watch this show where the kids make web videos. I told the girls to stop watching tv and come up with a video of there own and I would post it then it would be like they had a webshow of their own....I'm genius. Not really but it got their creative juices flowing and away from the tv. Apparently I've been told there are more of these to come so presenting the first of the E-Wheeler show.

Anaiya's turn to jam

Anaiya maybe be shy but she can jam when she thinks no one is looking. We were waiting FOREVER while daddy was in Best Buy so I cranked up the radio, opened the sun roof and let the girls have fun.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cyri is officially a toddler!!!

Our baby is a toddler! She turned two on August 19th so this post is a little late. Sorry baby. Her age has finally caught up with her size. It was funny telling people she was only a year old when she was taller and bigger than most 2 year olds so now that she's 2 I think people won't be so surprised.

As you can see she got so excited when we lite her candles.
Too close for comfort!!! sugar cookies.
Sharing with big sister.
We tried to not go crazy with presents this year so we'd have less to lug when we move. She got a cd player, building blocks, a singing ferris wheel and some coloring books. Grandma Wheeler also sent her a race track with some cars.

Here she is, enjoying her building blocks. I think this was the best buy. It's amazing to see her sit there and put things together. You can almost see the little wheels in her head turning and figuring things out.
Random thought...Cyri sure is naked or atleast topless alot. It's probably because it's so hot here and I usually take her shirt off when she eats then she just refuses to put it back on. Since mold is a big problem here, if she gets a shirt wet or dirty and I don't wash it right away then 3 days later I find it molding and ruined.
We set it on the floor but she kept putting it back on the table and would play with it on her tippy toes.
It took all night to finally pursuade her to ride the horsie.
We also took the kids to a huge warehouse that had tons of games and blow up jump houses. I like it better than Chuck-e-cheese cause it costs less but the kids also could run around and get rid of some energy.

So we take them to this place and all Cyri wants to do is play with some more blocks and push around a little grocery cart! All of which we have at home! She was upset we pulled her away from her blocks for a picture.

Trinity was such a good sister. Cyri refused to go into the jump houses unless she was being piggy back by some one and since adults weren't allowed on the jump houses, by default the task was put on Trinity. I'm glad I had a girl as my first born....nothing against boys but I've been told that girls are slightly more helpful.

Trinity's party in the usa

What can I say??? Pretty darn cute.


You may turn off the volume. I won't be offended cause I suck at singing. I should figure out how to overlay some cute music over my voice.

Quite the fashion statement

This is what happens when the baby dresses herself. After lunch she decided she still wanted to wear her bib except now it looked better as a half skirt around her waist. She's also found a new love for Anaiya's old pair of knee high boots. The red underwear only added to the sassiness of it all. Yes, this one might be daddy's biggest challenge as of yet!

Calloway Gardens

"The water looks green" you say? Why yes, you are correct, it's not just a weird reflection. This gross green lake is about as close as it comes to beaches here in GA so we bite the bullet and went. Unfortunately after swimming and swallowing all the grossness, we spent the entire next week being sick. The girls missed two days of school in their first week because everyone was suffering from flu like symptoms and coughing up tons of nastiness. Through deductive reasoning I concluded it was the lake water because my mom was the only one who didn't dunk her head in the water and she wasn't sick at all. If it was just something going around then I think she would have been the first to get sick since she sleeps with the kids. Andrew, myself and Trinity were swimming alot and ended up drinking half the lake and thus we were the sickest. Yes, I Perry Mason-ed the situation. Got some nice family pics though!

This is the life...

Who would want to grow up when this is what you do all day long? Cyri has really got the good life now. With both Trinity and Anaiya gone all day long, Cyri has Grandma's full undivided attention and is loving it! Their day pretty much consists of breakfast, pool time (which usually last for atleast 2 hours), a stroll to the park, lunch then nap. I keep telling my mom that if it's too much she should slow down but she insist it gives her day purpose and gives her good excercise. Grandma's are great!

School days, school days....

Well, this will be a bittersweet year. My girls have such late birthdays that they feel like they have to wait forever before they can go to school so Anaiya was over joyed to finally be going to Kindergarden. Trinity on the other hand enjoys reminding us that this will be her last year in elementary and next year we will have a middle schooler on our hands. I was impressed to hear her say that as a 5th grader she's going to try her best to be a good example at school cause she's now one of the oldest kids at the school. She also said that because Anaiya is in Kindergarden, she wouldn't want someone else to be mean to her little sister so she's going to stick up for little kids being picked on. Yea.....patting myself on the back right now....I've taught her well. Just kidding, I can't take credit--she's just naturally a sweet girl.
Andrew almost can't handle it sometimes, she's already inquiring about when she can shave her legs, pluck her eyebrows and wear make-up. I ofcourse told her she doesn't need to worry about stuff like that yet and just want her to concentrate on doing things that make her feel good and confident about herself. Geez, how fast they grow!
Very proud daddy.
They were so excited to wear their 1st day of school outfits that they picked out.

Some more pretty Chinese girls

I've posted pictures of the girls in these dresses before but I love these dresses and am afraid this might be the last time they wear them so here we are again.

Cyri was rockin' her boots.

Summer Soccer Camp

The summer officially ended with soccor and swim camp. I didn't get pics of the girls at swim camp cause it was while I was working and my mom had to take them but soccor camp was fun. I was able to attend the last day where they had fun tournaments and got to show off some games and skills they had learned. The coach said this was the hottest soccor camp ever cause the class took place in the blazing hot sun from 11am -1pm in the afternoon. Tempatures where over 100 degrees! Trinity showed amazing sportsmanship and was chosen cutest on the team. Anaiya on the other hand didn't enjoy it so much. Anaiya just does not have a competitive bone in her body. As soon as someone was beating her or running faster than her she would just stop and shut down. We had to bribe her with Chuck-e-cheese so she would go the last day with promises of participating.

Cyri and I were so hot sitting in the sun watching the games.