Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So to mark 10-10-10 we decided to take a much needed beach break and head on down to Panama City, Florida. We found a small stretch of the beach that allowed dogs so that Jax could enjoy himself too. Andrew's beach plans were crushed because there was this green slimmy seaweed stuff called "june grass" everywhere, so his much anticipated ocean swim didn't happen. After running up and down the beach a he did find a guy renting out jetskis so we did that for half an hour. Poor Anaiya was scared to death but Trinity was only playing scared until she got behind the wheel. Once it was her behind the throttle she became a speed demon!

School pictures- Part 2

Here are the results of picture day.....so my worst fears for Anaiya's hair was confirmed! The humidity here sucks! I know I shouldn't really care so much but she'll thank me later. I hate my school pictures cause we never realized it was picture day and I always just happen to have on the ugliest shirt and have crap hair. Trinity's turned out nice but she looked half asleep so I decided to return them both and just got a few pictures taken at Walmart. We will post those when we get them.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

School picture day

Today was picture day for Trinity-5th grader and Anaiya-Kindergarden. We got up 30 min. early so we could curl hair and look extra cute. So why am I taking pictures when they will be taken at school anyway???? Let me explain, the humidity here will cramp any hair style in an hour. I was afraid that by the time pictures were taken that afternoon their hair would be limp and lifeless so I had to document how cute thier hair would have been just in case the school pictures are not so good. I know, I'm vain.
She's adorable with curls. I wish they all had curly hair....(sigh).

Baby in the fridge

Once again she was too quiet and this is where we found her. She has both feet inside the fridge and was attempting to close the door.
What else can you do but laugh when you got this face looking up at you?

Chimney Rock Park

On Sunday we were suppose to have been on the road by noon but my uncle wanted to take us on a hike so we went to Chimney Rock. It was a beautiful hike and the views were well worth it.

This looks like a picture straight from Loas or something to me.

Da' men. Tooj got in some good Hmong practice with my uncle.

They were so nice and accomidating! Thank you and love you guys.
Da' kids.
Behind the girls is a rock called "The Devil's Head". I didn't think it looked scary enough to be called the devil but it was cool because the profile does look like a face with ears.

Of course, Andrew put them up to this pose. My aunt was sitting by my uncle's feet resting and Tooj told them to do a Tarzen pose. My Aunt said she'd kill me if this picture surfaced....oh, well, she'll have to catch me first.

Anaiya and my Aunt reading the map and figuring what trails will take us to the waterfall.

Anaiya and Justin lead the way the entire hike so I was glad to see her resting her little legs.

The water fall was dissapointing to say the least. It was more like a trickle but the kids still had fun splashing in the cool water.

Cyri and Grandma were tired out from the day before so they didn't do the hike with us but we did pick them up to enjoy the buffet before hitting the road.

5 minutes into the trip back home and everyone was out. My eyes were open but I was a zombie.
This is my Aunt's other son Alex. He would not let me take a picture of him the entire trip and so I promised him that when I did he wouldn't like it and it was going on our blog for everyone to see! I ofcourse woke him up so he wouldn't get a cramped neck but only after a few photos. Hi Alex!

North Carolina Hmong Soccor Tournament

Well, I used up my last day of vacation from work to take a quick trip to North Carolina to see my Aunt Mai Yer. We only had 2 days so left Thurday night after work and stayed until Sunday afternoon. It was quick but well worth it. I hadn't seen my aunt in over 15 years and it was nice for my girls to get to meet more of their relatives from my side.

On Saturday we went to a Hmong soccor tournament and the girls finally got to dress up and wear their Hmong clothes to a legitimate Hmong event. Trinity has been to Hmong tournaments before but it was when she was really young so she didn't remember how they were. The whole morning she kept acting very concerned and asking if anyone else was going to be wearing Hmong clothes. After assuring her a few times that "Yes, there will be." I finally asked her what her issue was. She then explained that she doesn't remember people dressing up to come see her play soccor and didn't know how her cousins were going to play soccor wearing Hmong clothes either. Poor thing, after I was done laughing I explained to her that it's not her cousin's soccor game we were going to, they'll just have some teams there playing soccor for entertainment and that it's really more of a celebration about our culture and less about the soccor.

This is the girls posing with my Aunt's daughter Kaitlyn-9. Trinity and Kaitlyn were two peas in a pod.

This is Anaiya and my Aunt's son Justin. He's 8 and these two were inseperable! They were so cute. Justin was being such a gentleman and holding the umbrella for Anaiya. The entire two days there they were running around, chasing and shooting at each other and would take turns being wounded and dead. Yes, I think it must be love. LOL.
The girls enjoying there well deserved ice-cee. I was so proud of them for not complaining about wearing layers of Hmong clothes in 100 degree weather.
Cyri force feeding Grandma!
Clothes for sale inside one of the booths.
The girls modeling next years fashion.
It was so hot I'm glad that we decided to not dress Cyri up in Hmong clothes. She would not have been happy.
All in all, it was fun and the bonding and memories are more than worth it!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Grandma's bike ride

My mom and I are committed to getting a bike ride in everyday but the humid heat is a killer so we came up with something more tolerable. Notice the laptop so we can watch movies and the convient placement of the fan. I just thought my mom looked so cute, only thing missing...shoes. LOL!!!


We decided to read the Friend for this particular FHE. It was such a photo op cause we hardly ever can get Cyri to sit still but tonight she sat and cuddled for a little bit while daddy read.

Baby enjoyed her pudding

I think she wore more than she ate of her pudding.
When I found her and gasped she gave me this look like, "what did you expect?"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Girls can do it too

Our version of Charlie's Angels. See, girls can turn everyday things into violent weapons too--and look good doing it! They decided to build guns and where pretending to duck and chase each other around the house. I was pretty surprised cause they've never done that before. It was funny because as they were chasing eachother their guns would fall apart and were always calling time-outs.

The first of the "E-Wheeler" shows

So the girls have been watching way too much tv, ie the disney channel. The girls especially like to watch this show where the kids make web videos. I told the girls to stop watching tv and come up with a video of there own and I would post it then it would be like they had a webshow of their own....I'm genius. Not really but it got their creative juices flowing and away from the tv. Apparently I've been told there are more of these to come so presenting the first of the E-Wheeler show.

Anaiya's turn to jam

Anaiya maybe be shy but she can jam when she thinks no one is looking. We were waiting FOREVER while daddy was in Best Buy so I cranked up the radio, opened the sun roof and let the girls have fun.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cyri is officially a toddler!!!

Our baby is a toddler! She turned two on August 19th so this post is a little late. Sorry baby. Her age has finally caught up with her size. It was funny telling people she was only a year old when she was taller and bigger than most 2 year olds so now that she's 2 I think people won't be so surprised.

As you can see she got so excited when we lite her candles.
Too close for comfort!!!

Yum....pink sugar cookies.
Sharing with big sister.
We tried to not go crazy with presents this year so we'd have less to lug when we move. She got a cd player, building blocks, a singing ferris wheel and some coloring books. Grandma Wheeler also sent her a race track with some cars.

Here she is, enjoying her building blocks. I think this was the best buy. It's amazing to see her sit there and put things together. You can almost see the little wheels in her head turning and figuring things out.
Random thought...Cyri sure is naked or atleast topless alot. It's probably because it's so hot here and I usually take her shirt off when she eats then she just refuses to put it back on. Since mold is a big problem here, if she gets a shirt wet or dirty and I don't wash it right away then 3 days later I find it molding and ruined.
We set it on the floor but she kept putting it back on the table and would play with it on her tippy toes.
It took all night to finally pursuade her to ride the horsie.
We also took the kids to a huge warehouse that had tons of games and blow up jump houses. I like it better than Chuck-e-cheese cause it costs less but the kids also could run around and get rid of some energy.

So we take them to this place and all Cyri wants to do is play with some more blocks and push around a little grocery cart! All of which we have at home! She was upset we pulled her away from her blocks for a picture.

Trinity was such a good sister. Cyri refused to go into the jump houses unless she was being piggy back by some one and since adults weren't allowed on the jump houses, by default the task was put on Trinity. I'm glad I had a girl as my first born....nothing against boys but I've been told that girls are slightly more helpful.