Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a zoo!

On Monday we went to this really cool safari zoo. You ride around in this school bus with windows but no glass and the animals come right up to you, stick their heads in your face so you can feed them. They were just your typical zoo animals like zebras, giraffe, bulls, gazelle, ostrage, horses and such but what made it amazing was to be so close to these creatures.

As you can see Cyri was literally leaning so far out the window I was afraid she would fall...but that only lasted until the animals came....this story is to be continued.

This guy was staring down Anaiya for some grub.

You can hand feed the animals but Anaiya was scared and would just put the food on the window ledge.

Ah yes, as I was saying before, Cyri was no where to be found after the animals came. Notice the little head down by Trinity's legs. That would be the baby that once was so eager to jump out of the bus.

And the feeding frenzy continues. They walk right up to you and just open these enormous mouths in your face and expect a treat.

The shorter animals that couldn't reach the windows would try to swipe the food from your hands with their gross long tongues.

To hand feed the giraffe was pretty amazing.

Anaiya eventually worked up enough courage to let the giraffe lick her hand.

This picture almost looks fake.

After the safari ride we went to the other side of the park which had a little farm walk through area.

Happy 4th!

We hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend! We sure had a very full and exhausting schedule but it was well worth it. There is something about celebrating the 4th on an Army post that really makes it all that more patriotic. Probably because of the visual reminders of seeing all the soilders in uniform. I had to work on Saturday so Andrew first took the girls swimming then to the local fair on post. It was fun and surprisingly not very crowded so the kids didn't have to wait very long to get on the rides. After I was done with work we went over to some friends for a BBQ then it was off to watch the fireworks.

A little R&R before all the fireworks begin.
Now you see us...
now you don't.
Saturday was so festive and fun but we did still manage to make it to church the next day--barely. This is the girls on the ride home from church. They were exhausted as you can see.