Thursday, April 29, 2010

Up, up and away!!!

Well, not really but it goes to show how long this post has been operating training soilders. After all it is only "THE BEST ARMY INSTALLATION IN THE WORLD"!!!! I write these words in total mockery and with all the sarcasm I have in me because they really do have these huge words painted on an overpass so you can read it and remember always as you are entering and leaving post. It should really say "OLDEST AND MOST DELAPIDATED INSTALLATION IN THE WORLD" They even have a phone number for you to call for comments below. I picked up my phone and dialed the number and told Andrew I was going to call them, and just incase they were unsure, reinforce to them they were indeed THE BEST ARMY INSTALLATION IN THE WHOLE FREAKING WORLD!!!! He said he would kill me if I actually did so I had to hang up. Where is his Army pride? I'll take a picture of it one of these days just to validate my story.

Long overdue....

This post is way over due. Nearly 3 1/2 days after leaving Utah we arrived at Fort Benning, GA on April 6th, all thanks to our wonderful chaufer, Grandpa Wheeler! It was so nice of you Dad to sacrifice all the time and patience it took to get Andrew's girls back to him. My poor father in law, in that week and a half he went cross country twice and drove about 3 million miles. (or at least I'm sure it felt that way) Dad, I can't thank you enough. We love you so much. And of course, we can't forget all the wonderful and gracious Bed and Breakfast we stayed at along the way. Thank you Kim, Marc, Great Grandpa Wheeler and Hilda for all the delicious warm meals and comfortable sleeping arrangements. It might have been what saved me and the kids from going insane. My only regret is that I didn't think to bring a camera and so I don't have any pictures to show off our great big road trip.

Also, let it be noted that during the road trip Grandpa and Trinity made a "pinky swear" pact that she would never moan and utter the words..."I don't want to visit my old stinky grandpa." I bear witness to this- so Trinity-we have made it official.

Here is daddy and the girls rock climbing at the gym. The best perk to this post is that there are tons of different parks and rock climbing and the pool at the gym is free!